Dec 17

Anurag Gupta, CEO, Usha Yarns Ltd
So far the focus of sustainability has been towards producing goods more sustainably by reducing polluting effects of production, optimize use of natural resources and recycle different kinds of waste generated at each stage of the production cycle.

Why the Fashion and Textile Industries Need a Sustainable Makeover

Jan 17

The fashion and textile industries are in desperate need of a sustainable makeover. Why?
The global textile industry produces large quantities of toxic chemicals, requires substantial amounts of energy, water, and land, and is responsible for a lot of air, water, and soil pollution.

How Regenerated Yarns Can Help to Change the Textile World (And Your Business)

Dec 16

Where you choose to source the supplies for your business matters, and with a growing awareness of global environmental issues, it matters more than ever before. The truth is that every choice we make has some impact on our world, and as businesses, it is becoming increasingly expected that our practices do not negatively impact the environment.