Recycled Melange, Fancy, Wool Yarns

Incorporating our recycled specialty melange yarns into your products is a great way to make them stand out from your competitors and to create unique and desirable products that your customers will love. We currently offer three different types of specialty yarns: Melange Yarns, Lurex Yarns, and Wool Blended Yarns.

Recycled Melange Yarn

Usha melange yarn is created with the blends of various recycled fibers such as cotton, poly, and wool which are available in unique textures and colour patterns.

We offer recycled melange yarns in a variety of color shades and fibre compositions to meet your particular needs. Our regenerated melange yarns are available in a range of 12 to 30 Ne Counts.

Recycled Fancy Yarn

Our fancy yarns add a beautiful shimmer effect to any of the fibre compositions and shades that we offer. This glitter effect is achieved by topping our manufactured yarns with metallic fibres during the yarn recycling spinning process. Usha recycled fancy yarns with lurex effect will add a fresh and trendy look to any of your environmentally-conscious fashion lines.

It is available in both silver and gold colours, our lurex yarns can be offered up to the Count Ne 20s in a variety of custom blends of cotton, polyester, and wool fibres.

Recycled Wool Blended Yarn

Usha Yarns assures 100% recycled wool blended yarns, which give best look and feel to your hosiery and weaving outfits due to the precise composition of regenerated natural fibres like cotton and wool.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.