Sustainable Recycled Clothing

With the increase in awareness in sustainability, Recycled clothing has become a hot topic in today’s time. Many companies have come forward with the initiative to produce sustainable clothing also known as recycled clothing, upcycled clothing, sustainable garments or sustainable apparel to bring a positive change in the society.

So now the question is, What exactly is Recycled Clothing?

Sustainable clothing also known as recycled clothing reuses and reprocesses old unwanted clothes. After the clothes are collected for recycling, they are sorted & segregated by the material. After sorting, the clothes are processed. Processing is done by tearing the cloth into fibers or small pieces combined with other fibers.

Recycled Yarn Manufacturer

Sustainable Recycled Yarn

Major benefits of Recycled/ Upcycled Clothing include:

  1. Save water & energy
  2. Conserve Raw Materials
  3. Reduces Emissions of Greenhouse Gas
  4. Reduces Solid Waste in Landfills
  5. Recycle Spinning Process
  6. Our Recycle Textile Technology

Being a responsible citizen of planet Earth, Usha Yarns understands that processing recycled products will bring a positive impact on the environment. Since fashion industry has a huge environmental footprint and with increase in the demand for recycled sustainable clothing products in consumer market.

We at Usha Yarns believe to produce high quality recycled yarns - a sustainable product having less environmental impact.
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