Collection of Sustainble Colored Yarn in Recylce Cotton, Polyester Blends
Quality Recycled Yarn
Recycled Yarn Manufacuring Video - Upcyle Clothing Waste into Fiber and Yarn

“Recycle to Perfection – Align with Nature”

Our Story

Let’s face it: the textile and fashion industry has a huge environmental footprint. We at Usha Yarns believe that what is good for the planet is also good for your business.

By using pre-consumer garment cutting waste and polyester made from recycled PET bottles to produce a quality recylced pre-dyed yarns, we make a sustainable product with a significantly reduced environmental footprint at a lower cost.

As the demand for sustainable textile is increasing, fashion brands are discovering a competitive advantage in recycled materials for their garments to save environment and improve the bottom line.

Our Inspirations

We found our inspiration in Steve Labonte’s words; “Recycling is a concern both human and divine”.

Which means that everything on Earth is connected. Whether it is water, air, soil, nutrients, minerals, gases, or microorganisms, nature has been recycling everything in a precise ecological balance that has been occurring for all of our planet’s history. These processes ensure that all of life on Earth is sustained and humanity has an important role to play in being the caretaker of our planet.

As citizens of Planet Earth, we at Usha Yarns understand that recycling waste and creating a closed loop industrial system is a key component of having a sustainable world and a sustainable business aligned with nature.

“Coloured Regenerated Yarns”

Recycled Yarns Profile

Sustainable Knitwear Made in Recycled Coloured Knitting Yarn and Fabric


Recycled Knitting Yarn


Our regenerated knitting yams are cotton rich and available in a wide range of colors in 72 shades. They are available in a wide count range…

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Recycled Weaving Yarn


Our weaving yarns are eco-friendly, made from recycled fibers, and are available in 72 shades of colors, as well in both coarse and fine counts…

Collection of Sustainble Colored Yarn in Recylce Cotton, Polyester Blends


Recycled Speciality Yarn


Incorporating our regenerated specialty yams into your products is a great way to make them stand out from your competitors and to create unique…

Quality & Certification


Because highest quality is an essential core value of Usha Yams, we as yarn manufacturer constantly working to ensure that you will always get the best in regenerated yarns. Our own in-house research, quality control, and the most modern production facilities ensure consistent global standards of high quality that you expect and deserve for every product. We proudly claim our ability to consistently deliver large lots of flawless colored regenerated yarns to produce knitted and woven garments acceptable as per the global standards.




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